Immeasurably Elegant. Unforgettably Intelligent. Profoundly Human.

A Modern Treatment Facility Rooted In the Oldest of Traditions

Recovery is hard. Addiction is harder. The Living Room at Princeton is a first of its kind substance use and mental health treatment facility. Well over one hundred years of industry experience, education and personal recovery inform our clinical approach; however, our truest value stems from millenia of wisdom. The Living Room at Princeton marries elegance, intelligence and a commitment to authenticity that together create a physical, emotional and spiritual space for lasting change.

A Space Like No Other

Designed by a Disney imagineer in union with Dr. Leming’s vision of a refuge for those seeking respite, the living room at Princeton is a sanctuary for healing, hope and wisdom. The space itself invites curiosity and wonder, opening a door to both the mind and heart.

A Team Like No Other

Educated in the best of what modern psychology has to offer, the clinical staff at the living room at Princeton surpasses the highest of industry standards. More importantly, their individual and collective commitment to the process of self-discover and celebration positions them to serve our members with immeasurable compassion, elegance and intelligence.

A Culture Like No Other

The Living Room at Princeton is a modern treatment facility rooted in the oldest of traditions. While evidence based practices are at the core of what we offer, we view the struggles that often motivate our members to cross our threshold as a profound opportunity to awaken. While some may see these same struggles as a failing or misfortune, we see them as the mud from which the lotus is born.

Meet the Team

The Living Room at Princeton’s greatest offering is the humanity, elegance and intelligence of our staff. While informed by evidence based practices, our clinical approach is more firmly rooted in the art of therapy. We know that great clinicians are born of a personal commitment to self exploration, acceptance and celebration. We make but one promise. We will continue to know and understand our own experience, as we hold space for yours.

August Leming, PhD
Founder and Creative Director

Dr. August Leming is a life-long student of the human experience. He learned early on that the world can sometimes be a dangerous place. A history of childhood trauma and difficulty making sense of his experience provided fertile ground for a much needed deeper look at what this life has to offer. Earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy from Columbia University, August was introduced to the study of Buddhism in 1989 under Robert Thurman. Unbeknownst to him, this introduction would play a major part in his life for decades to come. For several years after graduation, August traveled the globe in his efforts to find a semblance of peace. A number of continents later, he found himself back home, exhausted from years of use and abuse of alcohol and drugs. Compulsivity having taken its toll, August returned at 360 pounds, jobless and without direction. A simple scene from Shawshank Redemption motivated him to turn his not yet identified alcoholic obsession towards bodybuilding. Three years later, he stood at 200 pounds, eating disordered, no less fearful but now capable of selling his obsession as, of all things, a health coach. Alcohol would soon become a part of the picture again, and by the age of 28, August had finally reached bottom. Getting sober meant going back to school, a safer place, as he was always a high achieving academic. What was intended to be a two-year Masters program at Seton Hall University, evolved into a seven-year Doctorate in Counseling Psychology. While studying at Seton Hall, August served as an Adjunct Professor, teaching Child Psychology, Adolescent Psychology and Statistics on both the undergraduate and graduate levels. He did extensive research in adolescent aggression, racial identity, spirituality in counseling, meditation and personality development. As part of his Doctoral training, August worked in the NJ prison system where he developed a Family Services Program and worked extensively with populations impacted by violence, trauma and addiction. Dr. Leming’s dissertation - Happy, Joyous and Free: An Exploration of the Relationship between Affiliation with Alcoholics Anonymous and Quality of Life allowed for extensive research into the history, effectiveness and underlying methodology of 12 Step Recovery programs. 

Sober since 2000, August has continued his Buddhist studies since first beginning in 1989. He has attended multiple week-long retreats and has taught meditation around the world in his work with nonprofits, corporations, universities and athletic programs.  His first-of-its-kind compassion-based model of high performance has allowed him to work with organizations across the United States, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and New Zealand. August has been an invited speaker at Yale University, Princeton University, Williams College, University of Virginia, Bucknell University and University of Washington, among many other academic institutions. 

While educated at some of the country’s most elite colleges and universities, August values the wisdom of life experience above all else. Knowledge can be helpful, but wisdom is useful. Being given the opportunity to both learn from his confusion and to experience what the world offers as success and failure, August understands an uncommonly wide range of human experiences. The Living Room at Princeton and its team of amazing human beings is Dr. Leming’s greatest joy. The Living Room was established to provide sanctuary for clinicians and clients alike. It’s a physical space that invites spiritual healing through the constant reminder that “There’s nowhere to go.”  More than anything else, August’s strange and oftentimes painful journey has made one thing very clear: this very moment is all we have. The Living Room’s greatest hope is that our team and members will learn to commit more fully to the experience of NOW and learn to meet it with a kind and loving heart…regardless of what it holds.

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John Prugh
Director of Business Development

As a professional, John brings over 25 years of experience in business leadership to the Living Room at Princeton. Having managed a number of major retailers across the country, John knows and understands the beauty and art of team building, communication and operations. As an extraordinary human being, he brings transformational and heart-felt kindness and compassion to staff and members alike. As Director of Business Development, John has come to recognize that what he enjoys most in life is connecting with others and building long-lasting relationships. John sees the Living Room at Princeton as an experience, a “happening” of sorts.

As someone in long term recovery, John knows and understands the importance of being welcomed, cared for and ultimately forgiven on the path of healing. As a major player in the development of all that is TLR, John is perhaps most proud of what The Living Room at Princeton does to each and every person lucky enough to walk through the doors. “Walking through TLR, I am perpetually invited into a place of pure presence; a place that invites me to consider what is right about my life, and ultimately what is good about being ME in this life.”

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Lindsay Broatch LPC, LCADC
Clinical Director

Lindsay Broatch attended Muhlenberg College, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. Lindsay’s passion for holistic healing and mental healthcare developed from over a decade-long personal experience with chronic pain and subsequent challenges. Disenchanted with traditional pain management and medical approaches, she eventually came across various holistic healing practices and had great success. 

Ultimately seeking a more fulfilling career aligned with her in-depth understanding of the challenges individuals with chronic illness and their families face, she pursued a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Due to her commitment to the field, she graduated from Kean University with an Alpha Epsilon Lambda membership dedicated to the recognition of Academic Excellence and Leadership. 

Lindsay’s personal and professional experience offers members a unique approach to achieving long term recovery as well as personal and wellness goals. Her background includes program development, implementation, and management; individual, group, and family counseling; mindfulness and holistic healing interventions. 

Lindsay’s professional licenses and certifications include Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), National Certified Counselor (NCC), Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC), Certified Trauma Professional (CTP-II), and Reiki Master.

Lindsay is proud to call The Living Room her home, and she is continually inspired by the collective commitment of the TLR team to the exploration, acceptance and celebration of everything that makes us human. 

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Terbett Martin, MS, MFT, LCADC
Director of Family Services

Terbet Martin joins The Living Room at Princeton team with over 25 years of experience as a Licensed Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Terbet earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from North Carolina Central University and her Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from Seton Hall University. Ms. Martin is a Primary Therapist and the Director of Family Services for The Living Room, and her passion for serving is beyond compare. Terbett is a lifelong student of human development, with specializations in attachment theory, emotional focused therapy and mindfulness.

A mother of three herself, Terbett serves as the Adolescent Care Coordinator for TLR, and she brings the “feeling of family” to every group and individual session she delivers. Her experience as a clinical director, family therapist and therapist in private practice combine to make her an authentic Master Therapist. Ms. Martin is more than proud to call The Living Room her new home, and she is determined to bring families together in this most sacred of spaces.

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P. Joseph Resignato, MD
Attending Physician

Dr. Resignato believes in the power of TRUST, and he sees its establishment as an essential first step to healing. His compassionate demeanor and non-judgmental attitude facilitate a bond with clients described as “unshakeable”. “Dr. Joe” is passionate about sharing his expertise, wisdom and personal experience with clients as an invitation to a better life. Dr. Resignato specializes in depression and anxiety disorders, drug and alcohol addiction, psychotic illnesses, insomnia, memory loss and stress management. He utilizes psychotherapy and medication management while emphasizing both a collaborative and integrative approach to treatment.

Dr. Resignato completed a four year B.A. at Cornell College where he majored in Elementary Education. After teaching for two years, he pursued an Master Degree in Medical Sciences at Boston University followed by his Medical Degree at New York Medical College. After graduating from medical school he moved to Philadelphia to complete his Psychiatry residency training at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

At Jefferson he played a key role in developing and implementing addiction treatment guidelines and policy to improve the care of patients admitted to the hospital with substance use disorders. He has several academic and addiction-related publications and has been nationally recognized for his contributions to medicine.

Dr. Joe loves that TLR is based on principles that pull from mindfulness, Buddhism, and physical wellness. While Dr. Resignato appreciates and values the contributions of 12 Step Recovery Programs, his experience speaks to the need for increased options, aimed at capturing the largest possible audience interested in recovery.  Dr. Resignato sees TLR as an extraordinarily innovative, elegant and intelligent approach to healing.

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Linda Stewart, LCSW, LCADC
Primary Therapist

After several years working with adolescents in a non-clinical setting, Linda went back to school in 2002 to earn her Masters in Social Work. While growing professionally and developing her career as a therapist, Linda was introduced to Eastern philosophy through mindfulness, radical acceptance, and studies in compassion based care. By connecting with her clients with and through heart-felt compassion, Linda discovered the profound impact of loving kindness and its product…FREEDOM.

Over the last 20 years, Linda trained in a plethora of modalities including EMDR, CPT, DBT, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. She brings decades of experience treating substance use and mental health issues. Linda ultimately sees these experiences as a reflection of simply being human. There is no room for shame in Linda’s practice.

Linda met Dr. August Leming several years ago and soon learned about him, his vision and his heart. She was more than intrigued by this compassion based program rooted in Western knowledge and Eastern wisdom; and Linda found her home…maybe for the first time.

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Iris Perlstein LPC, LCADC, ATR-BC
Primary Therapist

Iris Perlstein, LCADC, LPC, ATR-BC is a clinical specialist and licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselor, a licensed professional counselor and board-certified registered art therapist. She received her master’s degree in professional studies from Pratt Institute in New York City. Ms. Perlstein specializes in trauma treatment with additional expertise in addiction recovery interventions. She served as an EMT in New Jersey for nine years. 

When the pandemic and a flare-up of a severe auto-immune disorder caused a medical leave from her position at the hospital as well as her private practice, Iris soon found herself battling with internalized feelings that emerged of her own childhood trauma memories of emotional pain, grief and neglect. While on leave and without being able to work as a therapist she was at a loss and not knowing how to heal herself from her trauma sequelae. Her profound distress needed to be addressed to begin to reduce feelings of loss and vulnerability.

As an artist, Iris found painting allowed her the opportunity to show the hidden emotions that were below the surface. Art making, particularly a focus on portraits gave her the place to express   toxic material that needed release.

Iris is incredibly thankful to work alongside the team at The Living Room at Princeton, where clinicians hold a safe space for clients and each other. Her passion for serving has been rekindled by the wisdom and love she recognizes as the golden threads of The Living Room experience.

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James Boozan
Director of Operations

James Boozan brings over 13 years of experience in behavioral health to The Living Room at Princeton. James has worked across the country and held leadership positions in various roles, including marketing, operations, utilization review, billing and supervision. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. James has made significant contributions to the construction of dozens of treatment facilities throughout the country, but has found his true home at The Living Room at Princeton, due to his deep respect for Dr. Leming and his profoundly unique vision.

As someone in long term recovery, James can identify with the confusion and fear our members experience before they walk through our doors. His heart-felt compassion for individuals struggling with addiction is a big part of what makes The Living Room such a special place. James met Dr. Leming when TLR was just a dream, and he is honored to be a part of bringing that dream to life.

“Working in treatment for many years, I have seen all the good and bad our industry has to offer. I am elated to join a team that has been hand-picked and driven by a search for authentic humanity. Our team is all about connection, and the power of wisdom, understanding and forgiveness. This is not just a job for me, it's my home.”

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Nicolette Robinson
Operations Manager

Nicolette Robinson earned her BA in Psychology from Wilkes University in 2019. She has been working closely with Dr. Leming since graduation, as a Health Coach, group facilitator and administrator. More recently, she joined Dr. Leming on their collective passion project, The Living Room at Princeton. While Nicolette plays many roles in a busy life; daughter, sister, wife, friend; her role as Senior Program Administrator of The Living Room may be the most meaningful of all. Nicolette has experienced first-hand the pride Dr. Leming has in The Living Room. Beginning with facility design and continuing to staff selection and development, Nicolette has been Dr. Leming’s assistant, coach and, at times, therapist. She is deeply honored to be a part of this team, wholeheartedly dedicated to creating the magic that is TLR. She is committed to bringing her whole SELF to The Living Room to ensure the most authentic experience for both the members and the team. Nicolette is excited to combine her education and experience in psychology with her human experience to cultivate her personal path of self-exploration and ultimately influence the lives of our members in the most meaningful ways possible.

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Barbara Sirch, APN
Advanced Practice Nurse

Barbara Sirch joins The Living at Princeton with 46 years of experience in psychiatric nursing. For the past 25 years, she has practiced as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Barbara has decades of experience working with adolescents, adults and geriatrics across the spectrum of healthcare services. Graduated from Rutgers University and UMDNJ, Barbara has accumulated over 50,000 hours of face-to-face clinical service. She was inspired to join the TLR team as a result of what she describes as “the opportunity to participate in a revolutionary approach to psychiatric and substance abuse care.” According to Barbara, The Living Room at Princeton is “the most authentically human and elegant treatment center” she has ever known.

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Brenda Calderon
Program Administrator

Brenda is thrilled to be taking on the role of Program Administrator for The Living Room at Princeton. Brenda has an unbridled passion for serving anyone struggling with mental health and substance use. Having experienced the impact of alcoholism and mental illness in her own family, Brenda has deep compassion for families living with the pain and chaos of mental illness and addiction. She began her career in healthcare in 2018 as a medical biller and coder, but quickly developed a love for program administration. Brenda sees administration as an integral part of the treatment process and as the gateway to a new and better life. As part of her own healing, Brenda invites others into the world of treatment with open arms and an open heart. Safety and understanding are paramount to Brenda, and she is confident that The Living Room at Princeton provides both in a way not-yet-seen in treatment. She sees The Living Room as a second chance for everyone lucky enough to be there, staff and members alike. In Brenda’s eyes, The Living Room is a new and elevated approach to treatment; an open environment that if nothing else, is otherworldly, intelligent and elegant.

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Barbara Cashin CSW, LCADC
Business Development Consultant

Barbara brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Living Room.  Over her storied 40-year career, Barbara has worked in nearly every clinical and operational role in the behavioral health field.  Barbara has served as the Clinical Director of Substance Abuse in three facilities across multiple levels of care.  She has served as a Chief Operating Officer, Director of Assessments, Director of Business Development, Intervention Specialist and AODA Specialist in her remarkable tenure. 

As a consultant Barbara has successfully created both adult and adolescent treatment programs, provided diagnostic services, as well as counseling services in group, individual, couples and family settings.  Barbara has been instrumental in establishing ethical and regulatory compliance protocols for a host of facilities across the country. 

Barbara has come to realize that alone, the most genuine desire to help those in need, while profoundly important, is not sufficient to providing outstanding care.  As such she has made it her life’s work to drive providers to create and maintain a standard of care that rises far beyond what is required.

Barbara was moved to tears when she first visited the Living Room.  She immediately and physically felt the authenticity and heart-felt intention that The Living Room brings to treatment.  It was clear that every decision, from the physical structure to staffing and program development, was made with the member experience in mind.

Barbara’s expertise, combined with the elegance, intelligence and commitment of The Living Room team, further secures our mission of bringing the humanity back to treatment.

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Henry Nawn
Client Care Coordinator

Henry Nawn grew up in Princeton, NJ, attending the Pennington School before graduating to Drew University where he earned his BA in Business in 2022. During his college internships and through his early postgraduate experiences, Henry was introduced to and immediately drawn deeper into the field of human services. He began his professional therapeutic journey working as a counselor in a wilderness therapy program in Utah. Henry then moved into the behavioral services arena, working with adolescents and children for the city of Philadelphia. Having known Dr. Leming for nearly his entire life as a dear friend and mentor, it wasn’t difficult for Henry to find his way to The Living Room at Princeton soon after.

As a Client Care Coordinator, Henry will be helping to maintain and improve the sacred physical space that is TLR. As the only element of care that is 100% a part of EVERYTHING that happens at TLR, the physical space is a powerful part of what we offer to our members. Henry’s experience at The Living Room has allowed him to continue a process of self-exploration and self-acceptance he began nearly a decade earlier; and it is this experience that he looks forward to sharing most with our members.

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Kristen Furfero
Office Administrator

Kristen brings 10 years of dedicated experience in office administration with a background in financial planning, laboratory operations, marketing, client services, medical billing and department supervision. Known for her exceptional organizational skills and teamwork, she is excited to take on the role of Office Administrator for The Living Room at Princeton.

Kristen’s most recent position, providing testing to patients in substance use treatment in the toxicology laboratory setting, opened her eyes to the importance of medical care for addictions.  Perhaps more importantly, she recognized that while essential, medical care was nowhere near sufficient if people were to truly heal. 

Having experienced the impact of addiction and mental health struggles within her own family, Kristen is thankful to have the opportunity to now work at a place that “feels more like home.”  She is thrilled knowing that The Living Room family can provide its members with a warm welcome and open arms, embracing the truth that recovery is POSSIBLE!

From previously working behind the scenes, to now working with members directly, Kristen knows her role will now be even more rewarding and intends to remind each member walking through The Living Room’s doors…you matter.  

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Anya Markscheid
Behavioral Health Assistant


Anya Markscheid was born in Durham, North Carolina before moving to the Central New Jersey area when she was six-years old. Anya joins The Living Room at Princeton as a recent graduate of Rutgers University, earning a BA in Psychology. While at Rutgers, Anya studied adolescent development, marriage and family dynamics, and participated in research studying mindfulness based stress reduction. As a Behavioral Health Assistant, Anya will be helping to facilitate admissions and the client experience to ensure that the process of TLR is as elegant as both the space itself and the clinical care provided. 

Anya will be attending graduate school while at TLR, pursuing a terminal degree in Psychology. Anya sees TLR as a safe environment that perhaps more than anything else, invites us to simply BE; fully committed to the present moment and open to what life actually is. Right here. Right now. She has personally experienced the healing power of presence and the learning that comes from seeing clearly and looking deeply at what is happening, now. And everything, after all, happens now. Anya hopes to provide group counseling assistance at TLR, while mentoring members on their path of awareness and healing. 

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Clayton Shemela
Behavioral Health Assistant


Clayton Shemela was born and raised in a small, suburban town in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Early childhood trauma and lack of self acceptance consumed Clayton as a child and teen. He struggled with overeating, a broken family due to his sister's addiction and a divorce as a direct result of that addiction. During Clayton’s high school years, he began experimenting with drugs and alcohol to the voids he always carried. Drugs and alcohol helped him to create the illusion of connection with others and gain the acceptance he always wanted.  As a high functioning addict through his early twenties, Clayton masked his pain and did “well enough”, graduating from Point Park University with a BA in Business Administration.  

Soon after graduation, Clayton faced the reality of losing his job as a Financial Consultant due to his drug use, soon followed by the loss of his father. The reality of his addiction had set in, and he soon found himself in and out of treatment facilities for years.  At best, he could only string 30-90 days clean in between treatment episodes.  Eventually, Clayton found himself at a more significant crossroad, and he was presented with the opportunity to complete a long term treatment program in Hamilton, New Jersey. Clayton accepted the opportunity, and it saved his life. Through his treatment experience and personal studies, Clayton practices diaphragmatic breathing, yoga, restorative meditation, and the 12 Steps. 

Clayton has worked in treatment for nearly 2 years, and while he found the work meaningful, he always felt as if something was missing.  He found that something at The Living Room at Princeton.  The compassion, humanity and elegance of The Living Room are everything Clayton ever hoped for in his personal treatment experience. He is thrilled to call The Living Room his new and, God willing, forever home. 

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The Living Room at Princeton is a sanctuary. Designed to invite presence and driven by the human capacity for compassion, TLR is a magical place. With awareness and kindness, we stand a chance to relieve ourselves of the shame and guilt that rob us collectively of healing, freedom and joy. Addiction is both a consequence and a cause. We see the suffering of addiction as a gateway to a profoundly powerful life. Together, we use the suffering, and together we cultivate the beauty born of it. Elegance, intelligence and authentic humanity make it all possible at The Living Room.


Led by a passion for helping individuals reclaim their lives from substance use disorders, The Living Room was founded with a unique vision in mind. Our facility, thoughtfully designed by a Disney Imagineer, stands as a testament to our commitment to providing an environment that nurtures healing and growth.


A Message From Leadership

We understand that exceptional care stems from the well-being of our clinicians. Our unique environment empowers our team to bring their spiritual practices to work, ensuring they are fully present for you. By minimizing administrative burdens, we enable our clinicians to invest the majority of their time in meaningful therapeutic interactions.

A Facility Designed for Healing

Experience “The Living Room,” a uniquely designed treatment facility crafted by a Disney Imagineer. Unlike any other, our brand-new space fuses aesthetics with purpose, offering a fresh and innovative environment for healing.

Every room, purposefully designed, caters to specific therapeutic needs. From the calming mindfulness room to collaborative group spaces, each element reflects our commitment to excellence in both care and surroundings. Explore our photo gallery and witness how innovation meets compassionate healing at “The Living Room.”

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