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Where to Find Substance Abuse Intervention Support in New Jersey

Addiction can impact a person’s ability to acknowledge their struggles. When someone is abusing drugs or alcohol, their behavior tends to change in a manner that allows them to deny that their substance abuse is negatively impacting themselves and the people around them. Unfortunately, this often causes a person to avoid seeking the help they need.

If your loved one suffers from addiction but is refusing treatment, you might be wondering how you can help them. While you cannot force someone to get better, there are ways to influence them to make positive choices for themselves. One of the best ways to convince a loved one that they need addiction treatment is by hosting an intervention. 

Substance abuse interventions involve the addicted individual’s family members by having them write impactful statements about how their substance abuse has been detrimental to everyone around them. The goal of an intervention is to appeal to their emotions, causing them to realize that they need professional help. 

You can find addiction intervention support in New Jersey in a variety of ways, including hiring an intervention specialist, working with an addiction counselor, and receiving support from the experts at The Living Room at Princeton.

What is an Addiction Intervention?

Watching a loved one struggle with substance abuse is never easy, especially if they are continuing to refuse treatment. For those who are in denial about their substance abuse, intervention is often necessary. 

Addiction interventions are formal family meetings where the loved ones of an addict read impact statements about the individual’s addiction and how it is affecting the family as a whole. The goal of an intervention is to convince someone suffering from addiction to attend drug and alcohol rehab. 

While some people host interventions on their own, they are always more effective with the help of a professional. Interventions bring up extreme emotions, often causing the addicted individual to feel attacked or become defensive. By bringing in an addiction expert, you will have support throughout the entire process, making it easier to tackle the intervention in a manner that prevents your loved one from feeling criticized. 

Why Should You Get Professional Help for an Intervention?

Interventions require a lot of preparation and knowledge of human behavior. When you are hosting an intervention, you must write your impact statements in a manner that comes across as loving and supportive, rather than critical or accusatory. Because this can be difficult to do, you should always work with an addiction specialist. 

In addition to receiving assistance in writing the letters you will read to your loved one, professional interventionists can help you during the planning process.

Examples of what the planning process involves include:

  • Selecting the group of people who will participate in the intervention 
  • Gathering information about your loved one’s addiction, the severity of their substance abuse, and what approaches complement their personality 
  • Timing the intervention correctly to prevent your loved one from leaving early 
  • Rehearsing the intervention, identifying possible setbacks, and having a plan to ensure everyone remains calm in the face of an emotional outburst 
  • Having a treatment program lined up for the addicted individual to attend immediately after the intervention is completed 
  • Deciding on boundaries and consequences the family will commit to in case your loved one refuses treatment 

Not only will a professional interventionist help you plan, but they will also be involved in the process itself. Having an addiction expert present during the intervention will ensure that someone in the room is trained in crisis intervention, which can be helpful if your loved one becomes combative. 

Where Can You Find Substance Abuse Intervention Support in New Jersey?

Finding substance abuse intervention support in New Jersey can be tricky if you’ve never hosted one before. Thankfully, there are a few different routes you can take to secure the support you need.

Hire an Intervention Specialist 

There are intervention specialists that you can hire whose entire job is to help families of addicts plan and host interventions. During the intervention, these individuals will be there to ensure that the intervention remains focused and supportive for both the addicted individual and your family members. 

As a result, intervention specialists in New Jersey can increase the likelihood of your intervention being successful, making it worth it to seek their assistance. 

Work With an Addiction Counselor

Another option is to work with an addiction counselor. If you or your loved one is already attending counseling, you can ask the counselor to help you plan and host the intervention. Since they will be familiar with your family and the hardships you have faced, they are more than qualified to see to it that the intervention is successful. 

Receive Support From Our Experts at Living Room New Jersey

Sometimes all it takes to get your loved one to accept treatment is a call from a professional rehab program. At The Living Room at Princeton, our admissions counselors can assist you with planning the start of treatment and coach you on how to bring it up to your loved one. 

Thankfully, our admissions lines are open 24/7, which means you can call us to get your loved one the support they need at any time. 

Find Help Now

If your loved one is struggling with a substance use disorder, drug and alcohol rehab is the best way to ensure long-term sobriety. Additionally, if you are planning an intervention, The Living Room at Princeton can help you secure a spot in case they accept the help you offer.

To learn more about our addiction treatment programs in New Jersey, contact us today. 

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