What to Expect from a PHP for Adolescents in New Jersey

What to Expect from a PHP for Adolescents in New Jersey

Most adults remember being a teenager and coming into contact with illicit substances for the first time. In the past, it has been most common for children and teens to experiment with alcohol and marijuana. Unfortunately, as the times change, adolescent substance abuse is becoming more common and more severe. 

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), 10.9% of eighth graders, 19.8% of 10th graders, and 31.2% of 12th graders reported illicit drug use in the past year.[1]

As youth drug abuse continues to rise, the need for addiction treatment increases as well. If you have a child or teenager who suffers from drug or alcohol abuse, it might be time to consider professional treatment. The earlier addiction is addressed, the less likely your child is to experience significant consequences.

If you are thinking about enrolling your child in an addiction treatment center, a partial hospitalization program (PHP) might be your best option. PHP offers intensive addiction treatment services on an outpatient basis. This means your child will get the help they need while continuing to live at home and have access to their education. 

How Does PHP for Adolescents in New Jersey Work?

PHP is a form of outpatient treatment that offers a high level of care. If your child attends PHP, they will receive many of the same services provided during inpatient hospitalization. The main difference is that they will continue to live at home and be able to keep up with school. 

Before you choose PHP, you should understand how it works. During adolescent partial hospitalization programs, you can expect:

Age-Appropriate Support

Children and teens dealing with substance abuse issues have their own set of unique experiences. Additionally, the factors that played a role in the development of their addiction might be different from adults. For these reasons, PHP programs for adolescents in New Jersey use an approach that offers age-appropriate support throughout treatment. 

Flexibility to Maintain Education

Unlike residential treatment, PHP allows clients to go home after they complete their treatment sessions for the day. As a result, your child will be able to maintain their education while they receive services for addiction recovery. 

PHP is considered a day program. Your child will attend treatment sessions 3 to 5 days a week for a few hours each day. Once they complete their therapy and counseling for the day, they can return home to work on their school or homework. 

Additionally, PHPs for adolescents in New Jersey often integrate their treatment scheduling with your child’s education. This means if your child has certain days per week that they need to focus on schooling, their addiction treatment will be scheduled around that time. 

Evidence-Based Therapies

Addiction is mainly treated through the use of behavioral therapies. While your child is in an adolescent PHP program, they will engage in both individual therapy and group counseling. The therapist will use evidence-based therapies, which means they are proven effective in promoting recovery from addiction. 

Examples of evidence-based therapies for addiction include:[2]

These therapies will help your child learn how to deal with their emotions healthily, avoid triggers for relapse, and uncover the root causes of their addiction. 

Family Involvement

Family support is incredibly important for adolescents in general. However, when your child is dealing with something like addiction, your support becomes that much more important. Because family involvement is invaluable for addiction recovery, adolescent PHPs in New Jersey make it a focus during treatment. 

For example, you might be asked to engage in family behavior therapy. During family therapy, you will learn about your child’s addiction, understand what factors influenced them to abuse substances, and develop healthy communication skills. Family therapy will not only benefit your child, but it will also allow you to better support your child in their recovery.[3]

Additionally, your child will work through any relationship issues that occur within the family due to their substance abuse. 

Mental Health Services 

Day treatment in PHP for adolescents will also focus on improving your child’s mental health. Oftentimes, teenagers who develop addiction issues have underlying mental health conditions that lead to self-medication through drugs and alcohol. 

Whether your child needs therapy, medication management, or a combination of both, they will have access to all of the behavioral health services they need. 

Life Skills Training 

Lastly, PHP for adolescents focuses on helping them develop the life skills they need to be successful. As part of your child’s treatment plan, they will engage in developing practical skills like vocational training as well as learning to make positive choices going forward. Your child will develop short-term and long-term goals for their life, allowing them to learn how to achieve progress.

Get Connected to a Reputable Adolescent PHP in New Jersey

If your child suffers from addiction, it’s time to consider professional treatment. At The Living Room, we offer compassionate and evidence-based care for adolescents. 

Our Adolescent Partial Care Program is thoughtfully designed to provide intensive support and therapeutic interventions while allowing teens to continue their education and personal development. This program is tailored to meet the distinct needs of young individuals navigating substance abuse and mental health challenges.

Contact us today for more information on our adolescent PHP in New Jersey.


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